Make Mine Red: Ferrari Debuts 488 GTB

Last week, Ferrari unveiled the new 488 GTB supercar for the first time in North America.

Why is this posted on a wine blog?

Well, being owners of a Tuscan winery and importers of fine Italian wines, we tend to be fans of all things Italian — and that includes supercars. Of course, we never, EVER mix drinking and driving. But we can certainly appreciate the beauty of one of the finest automobiles ever made — much in the way we appreciate the beauty of fine wine.

That said, Banfi was honored to pour fine Italian wines during the celebration of this fine Italian automobile. As onlookers drank in the beauty of the 488 GTB, they sipped San Angelo Pinot Grigio and Castello Banfi BelnerO. What better way to feel luxuriously Italian?

See below photos from Ferrari’s exclusive, first-time unveiling of the 488 GTB that occurred in New York City.

Again, we insist that drinking wine and driving do not mix. Please drink responsibly, and do not ever THINK about getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking wine.

Joe Janish is Director of Public Relations for Banfi Vintners, a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), and a veteran of the wine industry for over 20 years. He launched one of the first wine blogs back in 1997, the now-defunct “Wine Dictator,” and cut his teeth on his grandfather’s homemade wine. He still keeps a copy of Wine for Dummies nearby for reference.

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