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Should Unhealthy Foods Carry a Warning Label?

Ali Rosen, Cristina Mariani-May, and chef Maria Loi discuss unhealthy food labels and other trending topics in the food insdustry on FOX Foodie

The country of Chile is now plastering big black labels on packaged foods that the government deems “unhealthy.” Great Britain and Ecuador warn their citizens of unhealthy food characteristics using a color-code system. Will similar warning labels appear on foods in the USA? Should they?

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Chile – World Leader in Responsible Grape Growing

It’s all about Chilean wine today … Canadian journalist John Schreiner has a nice piece up on Chile’s role as a leader in responsible winegrowing. In related news, Wines of Chile points out that 4 people involved in Chilean wine are among the 30 nominees for Wine Intelligence’s “10 for 10 Business Awards.” The awards […]