Construction Tools

To change raw materials for human use, a tool is an implement. It is viewed as a hand extension that increases the hand’s speed, power, and precision, making it man’s ally in the struggle for existence.

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Measurement Tape

A flexible tool for measuring length is a measuring tape. Materials including fibreglass, cotton, plastic, and metal ribbon or strip are used to make it. It is hence a type of flexible ruler also referred to as a tape measure. It is measured in inches and centimetres.

Plumb Bob

The law of gravity is used by the plumb bob or plumb line to determine what is plumb (that is, what is exactly vertical, or true). A string hanging with a weight at the bottom will be vertical and perpendicular to every level plane over which it passes, and you don’t need to be an expert in physics to realise this.

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Crow Bar

A crowbar is a straight bar with a small beak-shaped bend at one end. The tool gets its name from its resemblance to a crow's foot because the beak is frequently split.

Framing Hammer

In comparison to a trim carpentry hammer, a framing hammer has a longer handle, more swing, and a heavier head. For a better and safer nail-gripping operation, it also includes a milled face.



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